Authentic sauce wine technology, master is brewing essence, ancient brewing, ancient law inheritance, casting the top quality of the workshop
Every bottle of good wine can not be realized without the craftsmanship and respect for the traditional brewing. The fangshangfang liquor industry in Maotai Town strictly adheres to the traditional brewing method of Maotai Town, takes root in Maotai Town, selects local high-quality glutinous sorghum, absorbs the cave spring water of Chishui River, tramples on the melody at Dragon Boat Festival, and descends into the sand in Chongyang. It has experienced nine steaming, eight fermentations, seven liquor extraction, base wine cellaring and other complex technologies, and has passed through the famous wine masters Plate hook, adjustment hook, product hook, at least five years! It ensures the quality of authentic Maotai flavor liquor. The unique water source, soil, air, climate and brewing microbial ecological environment of 7.5 square kilometers in Maotai town are naturally formed here. With the unique spirit between heaven and earth, the characteristics of Maotai flavor liquor in the production area are achieved in one breath and one breath!
The company adheres to the concept of winemaker's sincere brewing and continuous improvement, and contributes to the inheritance of sauce wine culture. It also puts forward that we should not create new standards, over package, make the workshop the starting point for the public to drink and the real sauce flavor, and make every drop of good wine for consumers to drink is the essence of sauce wine. At the same time, we should adhere to the principle of being down-to-earth and doing things diligently to build a strong enterprise Forge a high-quality brand!